The best ever gadget that has stood the test of time is….

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Will this crease you up?

The best ever gadget that has stood the test of time is….

Not the iPod released in 2001, or the iPad released in 2010, not even the iWatch in 2013. No, the best gadget that has stood the test of time was first used over 2000 years ago, and in 1882 Henry W. Seeley patented an electric version of this gadget, which can be found in every modern home today (unlike the iPad, Ipod or iWatch). This gadget has the most world wide success and can brag about it for at least another 1000 years. So what is the best ever gadget that has stood the test of time and will probably continue to do so? I am talking about the iRon!

Hollie Cavanagh – Outer Limit

Hollie Cavanagh’s new video “Outer Limit”

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Attraction Black Light and Shadow Theatre

Attraction Black Light and Shadow Theatre telling an amazing story using silhouette’s on Britain’s Got Talent.

18 year old Beitske Visser joins Red Bull junior programme

18 year old Beitske Visser joins Red Bull junior programme



18-year-old Dutch racer Beitske Visser joins Red Bull young driver programme. Could she be the next female F1 racing driver since Giovanna Amati back in 1992? Visser is a race winner and a rising star on the racing circuit. ( ) Webber better get his act together and start winning races and a championship before she takes his seat. Forget team orders! He may need to break his in car radio during a race to achieve this.

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The Big Reunion Stars with PJ & Duncan

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Rafa Benitez has a go at the Chelsea fans and the club

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Rafa Benitez has a rant about the fans behaviour and at club bosses after their 5th round FA Cup tie against Middlesbrough. You can download what he said by using the link below (the file is in mp3 format)

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Ubuntu OS Smartphone

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BBC Click gets a look at the new Ubuntu OS Smartphone due for release October 2013. A smartphone that has no buttons just simple Swipe & Tap. Could this be a strong contender to rival Windows Phone 8, or will the competition along with Android and iOS be too strong for this!

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