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The best ever gadget that has stood the test of time is….

September 7, 2013 Leave a comment

Will this crease you up?

The best ever gadget that has stood the test of time is….

Not the iPod released in 2001, or the iPad released in 2010, not even the iWatch in 2013. No, the best gadget that has stood the test of time was first used over 2000 years ago, and in 1882 Henry W. Seeley patented an electric version of this gadget, which can be found in every modern home today (unlike the iPad, Ipod or iWatch). This gadget has the most world wide success and can brag about it for at least another 1000 years. So what is the best ever gadget that has stood the test of time and will probably continue to do so? I am talking about the iRon!


Samsung Galaxy Beam












The Samsung Galaxy Beam has a built in projector but why is the camera only 5mp and why does it say on the Samsung website it’s got Gingerbread as the system why isn’t it being released with Ice Cream Sandwich on it or even Jelly Bean. OK on the good side of it: It looks good (like all Samsung phones do). The projector beams your multimedia up to 50″ wide. Great size screen I have one free wall that I can use it on (Oh and of course the ceiling). Considering the average price of a good projector is around £200 and you can’t put that in your pocket with your DVD player and DVD Discs this looks a pretty good phone to have. How many times have you sat round a mobile screen looking at pictures – NOT WITH THIS PHONE! With this phone you can beam the images to a wall or ceiling or even watch a movie, how cool is that. I can’t wait to get my hands on one.

Video Live Wallpaper

Video Live Wallpaper app for Android

If you are a fan of live wallpapers on your “Android Device” and would like to use one of your own short video clips then this app is for you. I have wanted to use my own clips but didn’t know how, then after searching around the internet I found this app called Video Live Wallpaper it lets you use a small video clip that you have recorded as live wallpaper on your device. Using the app is simple. Just download it from HERE and install it. Then all you have to do is go to your live wallpaper menu as usual and open this app then within the app navigate to the clip you want to use and set is as wallpaper, it’s as simple as that. There are a few settings you can alter if you want to play around with the app, but I left it as it was and it works perfect on my Galaxy SII. I’m not fully shore of what video formats this app supports but the video clip I’m using I recorded with my Galaxy SII in Mp4 HD, If you want to know more about this app then use the Alternate link with more info about this app  you can also download it from here and rate the app as well.

About the “Dreamscene Patch” for Windows 7

June 15, 2011 1 comment

Windows Vista has a great feature called “Dreamscene” which allows video files to be used as desktop backgrounds. Brilliant for lovers of Vista Ultimate. Windows 7 does not have this feature, however, if you miss the video desktop backgrounds and want them in your Windows 7 there is a “Dreamscene Patch” for this to be enabled. I’ve been using it for a while, but I did notice that it does affect the “Desktop Background Slideshow” feature of Windows 7. With the “Dreamscene Patch” installed you no longer get the slideshow options for themes to adjust how long to change the background wallpaper, and what size you want them, also the check boxes dissapear on the pictures to select. I found this to be a small but very annoying issue and after a while I wanted to make my own themes but wasn’t able to properly. So I wanted to take the Dreamscene Patch” off. As there is no uninstaller in the Add Remove/Programs I searched the internet and found that there is way to uninstall the “Dreamscene” registry entries. I found a “Dreamscene” uninstaller that dose all the hard work for so I have uploaded this to the Software section on my “SkyDrive”. Just click on “Free Free Free” at the top and navigate to the “Software” section, then go to “Windows 7” in this section you will find the “Dreascene Patch” and the “Dreamscene Patch Uninstaller”. For fans of the “Vista Dreamscene”, “DeskScapes for Vista Ultimate” also works well on “Windows 7” with the “Dreamscene Patch ” installed. Be warned though that it does turn other Theme Features Off. Both The Dreamscene Patch and the Dreamscene Uninstaller can be downloaded from the “Software/Windows 7” section on my site. Now you can enjoy video desktop backgrounds on some editions of Windows 7, and uninstall it as easy as it went on, to re-enable the theme features it turns off!

Keyboard Shortcut or Hotkey To Switch To Next Windows 7 Desktop Wallpaper

May 25, 2010 2 comments
In case of windows 7, if you want to switch to the next desktop wallpaper in the current applied windows 7 themes, you will need to right click on the empty area of the desktop and select Next desktop background

What if you can you use a keyboard shortcut to switch to next desktop background wallpaper, yes it is possible via AutoHotKey script executable we have created for you. You just need to press Win+n keys to change the desktop background instantly with the new one.

I found this tip searching the internet: It can be found here –

Now instead of right clicking you desktop to change your wallpaper ,you can press your “Windows Key + N”.

Now go ahead and download the file, run it and try it for yourself. This is a cool little program that saves a lot of hassle just to change the background wallpaper in Windows 7. I like it I hope you will too.

OneDrive from Microsoft

Just found a great program for Windows OneDrive..

If like me you store files in the “Cloud” and use “Windows OneDrive” you’ll love this as much as I do.

The program is called SDExplorer and it lets you copy to & from your OneDrive from your desktop with ease.

Once installed its puts a folder in “Windows Explorer” called SDExplorer, this gives you access to your “OneDrive” files. If you want to know more then visit this site you can also download the program from here. There is an “Advanced” version of this but I am not sure as to what the difference is. I’ve just got the free version and it works great for me. It lets me upload files of up to 50mb. Now I can copy a few files at a time to share on my OneDrive. Try it for yourself and download it now.

Does your PC System support 64bit software?

If you don’t know whether your PC can run a 64bit operating system there is a handy little program you can download called “BITS”. It tells you whether your processor is 32bit or 64bit, it also tells you if your system supports “Virtualization”. This is useful information if you want your system to run “Windows 7 64bit” and also “XP Mode within Windows 7”.