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New London Olympic Stadium

January 21, 2011 Leave a comment

Olympic Stadium

Just heard the most annoying news.  Spurs want to move into the new Olympic Stadium and knock it down to build a new football stadium. The Olympic Stadium which is being built with public money will no longer exist if this proposal goes ahead. Why should a football team move into the stadium to ruin all the hard work that has gone into it, not to mention the fact that it is paid for with public money. I think they should keep the complex as an athletics ground for future meetings and also for somewhere proper for our British Athletes to train to their fullest potential. I think it is totally wrong to let a football team move into it especially when it has been built for a better use. Why not come up with a new athletics competition between are Home Counties that can take place maybe twice a year at the new stadium, this would help the Olympic Selection Committee choose are best athletes for the major competitions and observe their progress.

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