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Keyboard Shortcut or Hotkey To Switch To Next Windows 7 Desktop Wallpaper

May 25, 2010 2 comments
In case of windows 7, if you want to switch to the next desktop wallpaper in the current applied windows 7 themes, you will need to right click on the empty area of the desktop and select Next desktop background

What if you can you use a keyboard shortcut to switch to next desktop background wallpaper, yes it is possible via AutoHotKey script executable we have created for you. You just need to press Win+n keys to change the desktop background instantly with the new one.

I found this tip searching the internet: It can be found here –

Now instead of right clicking you desktop to change your wallpaper ,you can press your “Windows Key + N”.

Now go ahead and download the file, run it and try it for yourself. This is a cool little program that saves a lot of hassle just to change the background wallpaper in Windows 7. I like it I hope you will too.