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Johns Story

This story was written buy a few people (on facebook) adding a line at a time:
John’s story
John didn’t want to get up that morning…
cos he was drunk the nite before and now he dont want to go to work
He had a strange vision the night before….
he wanted to stay in bed dreaming of the princess he met last night called helga …..
He yawned, and opened his eyes and was cofronted with
….a naked man standing over him….
With genital warts..
wearing flippers goggles and a ….
large helmet…..
John quickly closed his mouth…
As he was a fireman and as the heat was rising he had to get his extra powerful hose out too …..

well if i was on fire I’d need that hose…

it was a nice shiny hose
all pink and glowing…
John hasn’t seen a firemans hose before……
Oh my god!!!!! Gasped John, as he……
decided 2 get his own hose out and join in the fun
As he did the fireman…slowly ……..reached for…..
but said he was not gay……..
as he grabbed the vaseline
he said, “I used to be a doctor, trust me!”
u will only feel a little prick ….. bend over poor john its time 4 your chloric irrigation
John was ok with this, as he is use to being poked by doctors.
poor john has got hemeroids he has had so many hands up his bum
“I hope your going to wear a glove this time”, said John
as the fireman rubbed the vaseline…..
John felt relieved at the realisation he was a muppet
“what not another”, said john “my arse is on fire bring back the hose”
The fireman told John that his hose is now empty…
john stood up and looked into the end of the hose and said “I can’t get me cock in that”
The fireman gave it 1 last shake with a small squeeze, as he did this a few drops came out and splatted John in the eye….
When the ambulance came the fireman went. and they took poor john the hossy.
but nobody saw the ambulance that took little johnny away. A hand painted candy floss van was sighted at the scene. With an odd looking woman wearing flippers and ….
goggles and a mcDonalds cap! snorkling a tune RAR RAR RAR RAR RAAAAAA
Carrying a hose.
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