Jessica Sanchez may not get a record deal!


For what appears to be the first time in American Idol history, the first runner-up is not being awarded a guaranteed album deal that comes with a $175,000 advance.

The reworking of the prize package terms for Season 11 was discovered by the Associated Press upon review of show contracts from eight of the past 11 seasons.

Season 11 runner-up Jessica Sanchez is not guaranteed an album deal (with 19 Recordings Inc.) that pays a $175,000 advance, as Season 10 counterpart Lauren Alaina was, says the AP’s findings. Instead, the 16-year-old is subject to a “development” deal that could net her as little as $30,000 to $60,000, depending on how many singles 19 Recordings commissions.

Idol pacts also require winners and finalists to perform on tour and lend their likenesses to a Disney World attraction. On the plus side, Sanchez stands to reap $50,000 per public appearance. And if 19

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  1. Steve
    March 30, 2013 at 00:21

    Jessica Sanchez gets record deal and releases a single with Ne-Yo called Tonight. This has a chance of being a smash hit. You can watch the video of “Tonight” here:

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