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About the “Dreamscene Patch” for Windows 7

Windows Vista has a great feature called “Dreamscene” which allows video files to be used as desktop backgrounds. Brilliant for lovers of Vista Ultimate. Windows 7 does not have this feature, however, if you miss the video desktop backgrounds and want them in your Windows 7 there is a “Dreamscene Patch” for this to be enabled. I’ve been using it for a while, but I did notice that it does affect the “Desktop Background Slideshow” feature of Windows 7. With the “Dreamscene Patch” installed you no longer get the slideshow options for themes to adjust how long to change the background wallpaper, and what size you want them, also the check boxes dissapear on the pictures to select. I found this to be a small but very annoying issue and after a while I wanted to make my own themes but wasn’t able to properly. So I wanted to take the Dreamscene Patch” off. As there is no uninstaller in the Add Remove/Programs I searched the internet and found that there is way to uninstall the “Dreamscene” registry entries. I found a “Dreamscene” uninstaller that dose all the hard work for so I have uploaded this to the Software section on my “SkyDrive”. Just click on “Free Free Free” at the top and navigate to the “Software” section, then go to “Windows 7” in this section you will find the “Dreascene Patch” and the “Dreamscene Patch Uninstaller”. For fans of the “Vista Dreamscene”, “DeskScapes for Vista Ultimate” also works well on “Windows 7” with the “Dreamscene Patch ” installed. Be warned though that it does turn other Theme Features Off. Both The Dreamscene Patch and the Dreamscene Uninstaller can be downloaded from the “Software/Windows 7” section on my site. Now you can enjoy video desktop backgrounds on some editions of Windows 7, and uninstall it as easy as it went on, to re-enable the theme features it turns off!

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